The Africa Leadership Foundation has three (3) operational arms.

  1. The Africa Leadership Forum
  2. Africa Leadership Centre for Gender Equality
  3. The Africa Leadership Entrepreneurship Center


Africa Leadership Forum

The Africa Leadership Forum manages activities around

  • Governance and Democracy

  • Leadership Development and;

  • Healthcare System Strengthening


Some of the projects under the Africa Leadership Forum include

Capacity Building Workshop


Africa and Successor Generation


Electoral Management System Strengthening


Africa Leadership Foundation Center For Gender Equality (ACGEQR)

The ACGEQR is to serve as a centre of excellence for the emancipation and integration of women into Africa’s Development.


The main objectives of the Centre are to;

  1. Promote and advocate the rights of African women through effective development of programmatic interventions;
  2. Collaborate with inter-governmental organizations and development agencies for the economic, social and political empowerment of women in Africa;
  3. Conduct research on the outcome and impact of gender-related interventions in Africa.


Some of the projects under the ALF Centre for Gender Equality include

Creation of the Maputo Protocol Scorecard and Index


Research on Social Investment Priority of Africans and Unpaid Care and Domestic Work (2021)


Strategic Advocacy for Maternal and Neonatal Reduction in Africa (2020/21)

Ondo state department of public health

Africa Leadership Foundation Entreprenuership Center

ALF believes that small and medium-sized enterprises are key sources of dynamism, innovation, and flexibility. The Entrepreneurship Centre aims to develop entrepreneurship spirit amongst Nigerians by developing the skills of trainees to successfully start, manage, diversify and expand business enterprise, and also facilitate easy access to start-up capital to trainees, especially funds from Banks and allied financial institutions.


Some of the projects under the ALF Entrepreneurship Center include

CBN- Entrepreneurship Development Project


ALF Tech Hub


Agribusiness Small Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme