Care work needs to be recognized, shared and invested in now more than ever given that progress on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 – Achieve Gender Equality – is behind target and COVID-19 has created additional challenges with increases in care work, poverty and precariousness that could reverse gains made in gender equality and poverty reduction. Tools that can enable countries to monitor and track progress and hold governments to account on these commitments are critically needed as countries rebuild their economies and address the fallouts from the pandemic.

The Care Policy Scorecard provides a practical tool to assess and track the extent to which government policies related to care are adopted, budgeted for and implemented, and the extent to which they have a transformative effect on care.

The Scorecard is intended to be used by civil society, government and academia alike. Whether you are a policy maker, work for an NGO or are a researcher, the Scorecard allows you to carry out an assessment of the care public policy environment in your country to understand where there is positive progress, and where there are gaps and room for improvement.

It was developed by the following organisations: Oxfam, International Centre for Research on Women – Asia, Africa Leadership Forum, International Domestic Workers Federation, UK Women’s Budget Group, Ciudadania Bolivia, Padare Men’s Forum Zimbabwe, the Ugandan Women’s Network and Youth Alive! Kenya.

Download report here: Care Policy Scorecard: A tool for assessing country progress towards an enabling policy environment on care – Oxfam Policy & Practice