About Us

The Africa Leadership Foundation (ALF) is an independent international think tank, established as a government approved, not-for-profit civil society organization in 1988 and incorporated under the Nigeria Companies Act of 1968 by H.E. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who was also the Founding Chair. ALF offers a public space for leaders, decision and policymakers, civil society groups and other stakeholders to dialogue in an open, informed, respectful and sustained manner that contributes experience, expertise, knowledge, and ideas towards developing better public policies that will enhance delivery of pro-development dividends.

Since its inception, the ALF has been making significant contributions to political, social and economic development in Nigeria in particular and the whole of the African region in several areas. The Foundation engages in capacity building activities across Africa in critical areas of development concerns: Political and Electoral Education, Democratic Leadership Development, Good Governance and Rule of Law, Parliamentary development, Gender Advocacy, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Management, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, amongst others.

Over the years, ALF has shown demonstrable capacity to organize and implement complex projects in Africa, Europe and USA. The organisation has lengthy experience in project development and management, policy preparation and research, as well as in organising high-level seminars and conferences. It has implemented, with remarkable success, several projects funded by United Nations agencies such as the UNDP, UNOHCHR, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc., and others international/national institutions like the European Union Commission, African Union, Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Friedrich Nauman Foundation, Catholic Agency for International Development (CORDAID), the Governments of Norway, Netherlands, World Bank and Central Bank of Nigeria, among several others

The ALF is also a member of the Gender Is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC) Network and has contributed immensely in the areas of gender equality and furtherance of the provisions of the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa (SDGEA).


The vision of ALF is to improve the quality and performance of Africa in critical position of authority in Africa.


♣ To encourage the diagnosis, understanding and informed search for solutions to local, regional and global problems, taking account of their inter-relationship and mutual consequences, involving both current and future leaders.

♣ To develop, organize and support programmes for the training of able, capable and promising Africans with leadership potential so as to expose them to the demands, duties and obligations of leadership positions to prepare them.

The Africa Leadership Foundation has 3 operational arms.

      • Africa Leadership Forum

      • AlF Centre for Gender Equality & Research

      • ALF Centre for Entrepreneurship & Digital Empowerment

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